Midnite Radio

Hailing from the creaking industrial wastes of northern england, Midnite Radio is a DJ and producer with an inspiration and ear for all things grubby and groovey.

The love of the underground goes back years and has took in the influences from many a genre to create the edgy, deep and always rumbling sound that is the goal for every musical venture undertaken, be it spinning at Priveledge in Ibiza or crafting a beat in the studio. Having recently quoted ‘music is first middle and last’, its easy to understand the ethos with which Midnite Radio works. ‘my DJ sets lend themselves to the dark sweat boxes of clubland, places where you can feel the music rattling the place to bits’.

Its this environment which is the home of the Midnite Radio sound and the very reason that the time is taken to create percussive and bottom heavy tracks that will have the whole place swinging!